Monthly Archives: July 2020

Gaston Essomba applauds SONATREL for the Memve’ele-Mbamayo Hydropower connection.

by Fonban Emmanuel The Minister of Water and Energy Resources, Gaston Eloundou Essomba, on Friday, 10 July 2020 visited the Mbalmayo power sub-station which is connected to the Memve’ele hydroelectric power station through high tension electric cables. He was accompanied by the SONATREL boss, Victor Mbemi Nyaknga as well as the Project Manager of the […]

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REP-COD organizes a seminar to share information of the value of Cameroon diaspora

by Fonban Emmanuel The Network of Diaspora Parliamentarians for Decentralized and Cross-Border Cooperation known by the acronym REP-COD, on Wednesday, 08 June 2020 organized an information day for parliamentarians under the theme; “Diaspora: An Asset for Cameroon?” This took place at the Yaounde Conference center where the 2nd session of the 10th legislative period has […]

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Cameroon M.Ps receive training on creating documents and sending mails.

by Fonban Emmanuel The Parliamentary Network on Telecommunications and ICT has received some training on ICT and secretariat skills at the National Advanced School of Post, Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies known by its acronym SUPPTIC. This took place from Wednesday, July 01-03, 2020 at the Campus of the Institution. The opening Ceremony was […]

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