A grandiose CAMIFF without Bidoung, is MINAC against Anglophone Filmmakers?

A grandiose CAMIFF without Bidoung, is MINAC against Anglophone Filmmakers?

by Fonban Lendzemo

Ramsey Noah, Stephanie Tum and other reputable filmakers at festival
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The 2021 edition of the Cameroon International Film Festival has ended in Buea with the closing event marked by the award of trophies to outstanding filmmakers. The 2021 edition of the festival started in Buea with the opening ceremony at the Mountain Hotel on 19 April 2021 and ended with the closing ceremony on Saturday, 24 April 2021 athe same venue.

 The event brought together International Filmmakers, entrepreneurs in the cinema sector, businessmen, heads of international institutions, and local filmmakers from Cameroon who were together for close to one week for business to re-energize the momentum in the Cameroon film industry.

 The grandeur of the event this year was conspicuous, which was another big sign that the Cameroon filmmakers can be proud to say, “Yes we can make it bigger”

   It was thanks to the commitments of CAMIFF’s CEO, Agbor Gilbert that this year’s edition held even as COVID-19 and the armed conflicts were still breathing even in Buea which has suffered the consequences of the war in the English-speaking part of the country since 2016.

 With filmmakers of international repute leaving their various countries to attend the event in Cameroon, the abscense of Cameroon’s Minister of Arts and Culture ; Ismael Bidoung Mkpatt from the 19-24 of April 2021 was a surprise.

 THE ASTUTE INK linked up with the CEO of this festival in the person of Agbor Gilbert to know if the Minister of Arts and Culture indicated.

“We no support from the Ministry of Art and Culture. There was no delegation representing the Minister” said Agbor Gilbert, CEO of CAMIFF

Agbor Gilbert in cream white with his high profile partners and festival participants.

However, at the time this article was published, THE ASTUTE INK has not been able to get any statement from the Minister to know why his Ministry was not present in this event.

   Irrespective of the abscense of the Ministry of Arts and Culture, the United Nations Development Programme was a partner to this event as well as some other organizations. It is also important to note that Jean Luc Stalon who is the Resident Representative of UNDP and the UNESCO boss were all present at this event.

 The event was a huge success for the film industry as many filmmakers expect a more conducive environment for film business.

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