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THE ASTUTE INK is Media Company founded by FONBAN EMMANUEL LENDZEMO. It offers extensive services in the communication sector especially feeding its readers with credible information. It provides an information ground to the world, that serves the voiceless and make their voices heard.

THE ASTUTE INK also provides a business solution in digital marketing especially for businesses that require online platforms to advertise their services.


FONBAN EMMANUEL LENDZEMO is Cameroonian by nationality. His passion in the Communication sector has offered him a wide range of experiences in the Media sector.

His journey in Journalism career began in 2016 after he obtained a HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA in COMPUTER ENGINEERING with specialty in HARDWARE MAINTENANCE. He has worked in different media organs as employee and volunteer respectively. He is also a life coach/ motivational speaker who has offered his services informally to those around him.

Apart from Communication, he is also a FILM MAKER who has directed a good number of films and written some too. (References: www.afrokons.com).

His passion has always been to use his multi-skills to empower those who know him and also to contribute his own share to a better world. His values are humility, wisdom and truth which form the core THE ASTUTE INK.