Adolphe Njouke Thome installs new appointees of MINEE

by Fonban Emmanuel

The Minister of Water and Energy Resources, Gaston Eloundou Essomba has recycled administrative positions in his ministry by appointing an energetic team of vibrant young staff into positions of authorities in his ministry.

The new appointees, Sub-Directors, Chiefs of Services, technicians and engineers are set to start performing in their various functions following the ministerial decree which offered them new ranks.

Installing them into respective posts of responsibilities on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 was the personal representative of the Minister of Water and Energy Resources in the person of Adolphe Njouke Thome, who stands as the Secretary General of the Ministry. The event was filled with effervescence and saw the presence of staff of the ministry and loved ones of the appointees, who were there to cheer their colleagues and beloveds in their blessings.

Presiding over the installation ceremony, the S.G of MINEE, Mr. Adolphe in his speech congratulated the appointees and extended his well wishes as they took office responsibilities while thanking well-wishers who turned out for the event.

“If promotion to a new position of professional responsibility is a legitimate reason for satisfaction for everyone in your career, it is none the less true that it places you in front of new responsibilities, new challenges, that you own to take up as soon as possible, to merit even more, the trust of your hierarchy” said the Secretary General of MINEE as he encouraged the appointees to be the best of themselves.

As the S.G mounted them to their positions of authority they could not support the joy which only reflected the beginning of better things in the Ministry of Water and Energy Resources

“I welcome this new challenge and I will work harder to renew the trust. I thank the Minister of Water and Energy Resources for giving me this opportunity” said Yemelong Laetitia, appointed Head of the Regulatory and Legislation Unit. The fun filled event ended with refreshments and jubilations as the appointees got new titles for new commitments.

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