Anglophone Crisis; “Christians”, the same politicians. What about the greatest commandments of God?

by Fonban Emmanuel, Founder and publisher of THE ASTUTE INK

The inhuman killings that have surrounded the English speaking zones from the birth of the crises plaguing these regions are sufficient to question the responsibility of Christians in Cameroon with regards to the greatest commandments.

This write up is inspired by the fact that Cameroon has got a dominant Christian population though cognizant of the fact that crisis management is not limited to an exclusive religion.

 However, considering that a dominant part of the population from top to bottom are those who find themselves in churches every day or every Sunday, reflections as these are vital.

Making references to the bible from the gospel of Matthew in chapter 22, wherein a teacher of law came to Jesus and asked to know the greatest commandments. It could be recalled that Jesus said, “Love the lord with all your heart…” and the second greatest commandment he said, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

From the references above, we see how the indifference of Christians in these commandments, have sustained hate and normalized killings of human beings in the name of fighting a senseless war. In a very polite manner, it is important for us to ask why the top politicians, “people’s representatives”, public administrators and all we could imagine in the decision making circles, continue to fill spaces in churches every Sunday and week days but the killings do not matter to them as “Christians”. The doctrine of one and indivisible is great as it preaches co-existence of people with different cultures but unfortunately the doctrine is only good in preaching but difficult in making it a reality to live. Like a priest celebrating mass at St. Joseph Anglophone parish Mvogada, Yaounde once said, you can’t preach peace and practise war. You can’t preach love and practise hatred. Leadership is all about making people live their dreams by equipping them or empowering them to make use of their potentials to provide solutions to their problems.

This is only possible if the leaders truly have those they lead at heart but not wanting them killed for any reason.

A great challenge has visited the church of God and the consequences are evident. The wallets of politicians have silenced the mouths of Christians especially when they come to church for worship. Wealth from politicians has made Christians to support agendas of politicians even without thinking about the consequences to others.

The church itself has welcomed prayers for peace and love even though the same people who sing the prayers on daily basis still preach hatred and even defend reasons why fellow humans should be killed just because their political ideologies are different.

It should be a clarion call to every Christian and a need for reflection at any time they see a lifeless body of another human, taken away by another human in the name of fighting a political war. It is a mockery to God and his church on earth when a Christian takes the stand of those who defend the killings.

Loving people is fighting for them to live and not to be killed. Loving people is being happy to see them alive in progress. Loving people is being ready to listen to them when they cry in problems. Loving people is showing solidarity when they are in troubles and being compassionate.

As Christians, what do we have to offer when it comes to the greatest commandments that emphasize on love.

This write up is an editorial from the founder and publisher of THE ASTUTE INK and it had no intention of targeting people but living up to realities constructively.

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