Asheri Kilo Salutes Female Mt Cameroon champions.

Pledges to encourage, project young athletes on international scene

By Sandra Fomuso

The secretary of state to the minister of Basic education, Dr. Asheri Kilo Fofung, has received in an audience the female champions of the 2020 mount Cameroon race of hope which held Saturday February 22, in Buea, South west region of Cameroon. Tatah Carine, who emerged winner in the senior category alongside Kitan Mildred,second, paid a courtesy visit to the secretary of state in her cabinet on March 2, to present their trophies, medals and equally receive her moral support and encouragement. According to the secretary of state, these young heroines thought it wise to present these awards to their mother. Given that both champion and vice originate from the Bui Division of the North West region likewise Asheri Kilo, it is proper for them to bring their trophy for blessing, she said.“I am very proud of you two, as young as you are; you are making so much pride.Cameroon is just a starting point for you. We need to project more women, more young people on the international scene, and I take this as a promise that we will encourage you and many more young people in athletics,” she said adding that, not everybody has to go to school to get a PHD, but can make the best of their talents.The secretary of state affirmed that the country needs many more of these young talents who will carry the female flag in the sporting domain; she said while handing two women’s day fabric each to the girls with a token to go with.Not only did the athletes think it wise to bring their trophy, but at a time the country is celebrating womanhood, Dr. Asheri Kilo said. “It is a singular opportunity to tell them that they are young women today and tomorrow they are going to be the future of this Country,” she said.Thanks to these brilliant performance, the Minster of Women’s Empowerment and the Family plans to receive and get them actively involved in activities gearing up to the celebration of the women’s day on Sunday March 8, she asserted.
On their parts, these athletes dedicate their trophy to the children who are unable to go to school in the North West and South West regions due to the crisis.They are equally preaching peace to their compatriots, especially those directly involved in this crisis, so that those in the bushes can return and live their normal lives.It should be noted that, Tatah Carine emerged winner of the 2020 Mt Cameroonrace of hope for her 3rd conservative time in the women’s senior category, followed by Kitan Mildred and Wirngo Kpuufanla, all from the Bui Division of the NorthWest region. Meanwhile, in the male category, Godlove Gabsibuin, North West Region, grabbed his 5th trophy as he emerged winner again after 2018,2015, 2013 and 2012, followed by Simplice Ndungeh from the South west and Elvis Sabinla from the North West region.

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