Ashley Laura exercises a philanthropic gesture to the underprivileged children

by Fonban Emmanuel

From a compassionate heart, were special gift presented to orphans and street children by a young dynamic lady. Popularly noted at Crtv, Cameroon’s state media as a reporter, she now turns her eyes towards a philanthropic engagement.

Ashley Laura Chituh is the lady described and she stands architect of the vision. Her gesture is the reason more than 500 orphans and street children were smiling at the esplanade of Ahidjo’s Omnisport stadium on Saturday 21 December 2019 as he laid a solid foundation for her Children’s Carnival. She calls it “Ashley Laura’s Children’s Carnival” and she takes the front seat as the Founder of the humanitarian program which aims at bringing love to the underprivileged children.

The theme of the first edition was “A hand that gives never lacks”. As she laid the foundation for this program she makes a call to people of good will to put smiles on the faces of underprivileged children. The founder explained what inspired her to initiating such a philanthropic gesture.

“My motivation born out of love. It is because of the love God has for us, that he created us and it’s because of this love as a Christian and as a child of God that I decided to extend a helping hand to the less privileged. We have about 500kids today that we will be giving them Christmas gifts. It is our own way to put a smile on the face. It is our own way to tell them that we care about them and we know of their existence” said Ashley Laura Chituh, the founder of Ashley Laura’s Children’s Carnival.

Priscille Endong, the Vice President of Ashley Laura’s Children’s Carnival said during the ceremony that she was thrilled into the vision because she is a mother and understands the need to respond to children in need.

The event saw the presence of the President of the National Communication Council, Peter Essoka and some state personnel who showed up to support the vision.

Before the vision bearer offered gifts to the children present, there were performances which triggered excitement and a wave of happiness to the children such that they feel the Christmas joy as it approaches. Ashley Laura ended the ceremony providing refreshment and sharing gifts to the children who were present. It was love and happiness which could be interpreted from the excitement of the underprivileged children present.

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