by Fonban Emmanuel

Atanga Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration
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The 2019 Hajj group leaders have on Thursday, 11 July 2019, met with the chairman of the Hajj commission to discuss strategies to ensure that the Hajj 2019 is better than the previous. The meeting was convened by the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, who doubles as the chairman of the National Hajj Commission. The meeting was motivated by previous complains that have featured in other pilgrimages. The Minister decided to avoid such challenges by convening a meeting with the Hajj group leaders to address the issues.

 “I instituted the meeting between the Minister of Territorial Administration and group leaders for us to work hand in hand. I think that it is an obligation for us to hold this meeting because we have some pending issues which must be addressed” said the chairman of the National Hajj Commision, Atanga Nji.

He urged the 2019 Hajj participants to pray for Paul Biya to have good health, long life and to also pray for the unity of Cameroon. Before the meeting started officially he called on the group leaders present to pray and thank President Paul Biya for the assistance he gave them and said it was relevant to do so because it is in the African tradition to thank the head of state whenever he gives assistance.

 However, 2840 pilgrims are prepared for the trip to the holy land in Mecca, and the first group of participants is set to leave Cameroon for Saudi Arabia on July 29, 2019 and the others follow subsequently. The pilgrims are expected to be in Saudi Arabia for 25days and will be given five days to return to Cameroon.

To caution the pilgrims, the Minister told Hajj group leaders to ensure no prohibited items are carried to Saudi Arabia and also said all 2019 Hajj participants should carry on their medical certificates. He encouraged them to during the stay in Saudi Arabia, respect the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He called on the Imams and other Muslim leaders to help provide information that would enable them to successfully prepare the Hajj 2019 so that it is outstanding considering the good will of the head of state, Paul Biya.

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