Ateh Bazore and his SONACAM team draw a new vision for the company.

by Fonban Emmanuel

Ateh Bazore talking to the press during the board meeting
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The Cameroon National Musical Arts Corporation otherwise known as SONACAM has convened its first board meeting under the leadership of their new Board Chair in the person of Dr. Ateh Bazore.

The meeting took place at Hotel Franco in Yaounde on Saturday, January 16, 2021.

This meeting was the first strategic session of SONACAM under their new administration since the election of the new Board Chair, Dr Ateh Bazore into office. The session brought together all SONACAM board members who are leading the Ateh Bazore’s administration to ensure that SONACAM rises and provides for the artists as expected.

“The session is aimed at getting those top managers who will permit the company to take off. It is also aimed at giving the company the foundation that can make it survive. That is why it will be important for us to have a roadmap and an organigram. We will work on job description for those who will be recruited in the days ahead and most especially, we will work on a clear vision which will permit the company to be restructured so that in the days ahead, we can start producing and bringing in enough money to make Cameroonian artists smile” said Dr. Ateh Bazore as he presided over the board meeting.

SONACAM Board chair briefing the press during the meeting

The flaws in structural management of human and financial resources of the old regime that gave power to Dr. Ateh Bazore and his team, could not go unmentioned. SONACAM Board Chair pointed out the poor financial management under the old regime and indicated a better strategy to handle that.

“We have taken over from a company that has not been implanted. We are more or less starting afresh” he added while stating that money was borrowed to organise the board meeting.

Although the board meeting had a heavy agenda, Prince Ndedi Eyango who is a board member and the President of the Supervisory Board of SONACAM believes that problems of artists cannot be handled in one day. He said it is a process and overtime, artists will become better than before as they continue the fight to ensure their arts pay them enough.

“We are very happy to be here. It is our first board meeting and we are working out many things. We will try to be ourselves and be more matured to find solutions to problems faced by artists” said Prince Ndedi Eyango.  

Among all the top issues that featured in this board meeting, SONACAM is preparing to do the recruitment of its staff that will ensure that the tasks required are done and the money is gotten from it to pay artists for their works.

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