Bidoung Kpwatt lauds musical artists and says music knows no hatred nor pain

by Fonban Emmanuel

Bidoung Kpwatt
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As musical artists were warming up to celebrate the world music day on 21st June 2020 in confinement, the Minister of Arts and Culture, Ismael Bidoung Kpwatt on Friday, 19 June 2020 participated in a teleconference of the Cultural Ministers in the Sub-Region to share with fellow colleagues, how Cameroonian musical artists have been overcoming the hard times during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is hard and disappointing for musical artists to accept that COVID-19 has put a temporal end to their gatherings that permit them to make money while entertaining their fans. The digital space is gradually becoming another public show hall where these artists can connect with their fans remotely though without making sufficient economic gains.

Minister Bidoung, during the teleconference did not fail to acknowledge that COVID-19 has brought a major setback to musical artists though some strategies are put in place to bring life to normal.

The Arts and Culture Minister in his presentation during this teleconference lauded the efforts of artists who have been making commitments to become part of the fight against the current pandemic. These commitments from artists vary from sensitization through songs and also some initiatives by some artists to provide preventive materials to the population in some areas.

However, the minister identified and spelt out the role of music in selling the cultural fabric of the country.

“As Victor Hugo said in the quotation dictionary, I quote   “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” One of the most effective ways to promote the artistic and cultural diversity of our country has been music” said the Minister of Arts and Culture in his presentation.

He added that Cameroon has opened up to the world of showbiz with its music enjoyed globally thanks to productions of some renowned artists in the country like; Anne Marie Nzie , Bebe Manga and  Manu Dibango of blessed memory, Mr.Leo and a many others.

“Music plays an essential role for many of us and constitutes a powerful vector of intercultural reconciliation. The world day which is dedicated to it mainly aims to highlight its importance in areas of culture” added the minister.

With a variety of musical genres produced in Cameroon, the minister reiterated that music knows only peace and knows no hatred nor pain.

The minister extended is well wishes to musical artists as they celebrate the world music day in confinement.

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