Bidoung Kpwatt launches the National Archives Week

by Fonban Emmanuel

Minister Bidoung and his collaborators of National Archives
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The Minister of Arts and Culture Dr. Ismael Bidoung Kpwatt on Friday, 12 June 2020 launched activities for the celebration of the International Archives week in Cameroon at the National Museum.

The celebration this year is under the theme “Strengthening Knowledge Societies”. According to the International Council of Archives, ICA, strengthening knowledge societies concerns artificial intelligence, digital preservation and emerging technologies.

To Minister Bidoung, the theme chosen this year will print an indelible image in Cameroon’s decentralization process which is affected by COVID 1.

The evolution of the COVID-19 has raised new challenges in the work models and transactions between and among public and private institutions.

“You know that almost all the natural laws “united we stand, divided we fall”  Now it has been reversed to “Divided we stand, United we fall” since we are talking about social distancing and all what you can imagine. We are saying that it is only within the ambits of strengthening the knowledge society especially artificial intelligence and digital preservation that we can be able to survive. When you find the Minister of Health sitting in his conference room and talking with the rest of us, it is within that sphere” said Dr Ngwang Michael, MINAC’s Director in charge of Archives and Record Management.

The MINAC boss said it will be important for the government to use the commitments of the state institutions dealing with archives to collect, manage and preserve information relating to the pandemic in a way that can help the country to anticipate on future pandemics.

“It is more necessary than ever to develop strategies for collecting, classifying and preserving data, information and knowledge centered around COVID-19 throughout the national territory” said the Minister of Arts and Culture.
He called on archivists to use this year’s edition of the National Archives Week as an opportunity to proof their technical know how and make their own commitments to fight against the corona virus which has become a threat to the world

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