Bidoung reveals a new digital platform to serve 237 entertainers at ICESCO teleconference

by Fonban Emmanuel

Minister Bidoung presenting during the ICESCO teleconference
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The Minister of Arts and Culture, Ismael Bidoung Kpwatt, on Wednesday, 17 June 2020 participated in an extraordinary virtual conference organized by the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization known by its acronym ICESCO.

The conference brought together cultural ministers of member countries in a teleconference under the theme; “Sustainability of Cultural Actions in the Face of Crises (COVID-19)”.

The conference saw the remote participation of ICESCO top administration and other partner organizations. The conference took a sharp eye on the future of digital culture, tourism culture, the relationship between sports and culture, the challenges to sustainable cultural action in the face of crises (COVID-19) and the inscription of historic sites on the Islamic World Heritage List (IWHL).

In a presentation on the new dimension of cultural tourism, Minister Ismael Bidoung Kpwatt first lauded ICESCO for its initiative to rally member states together in a virtual conference which gave participants the opportunity to share enriching experiences of various states.

“As a reminder, Cameroon remains very sensitive to the multifaceted support efforts that international organizations like UNESCO, ICESCO, and many others, mark with regard to our country. We would particularly like to reiterate our gratitude to ICESCO for the inscription of the archaeological sites of HOULOUF and BIDZAR on the list of heritage in the Islamic world” said Minister Bidoung of Arts and Culture in Cameroon.

He added that Cameroon has a varied, authentic and exceptional cultural wealth and has been a victim of harmful repercussions of the COVID-19 despite its hospitability.

The Minister of Arts and Culture briefed the participants in the teleconference on the measures taken to outsmart the pandemic by Cameroon, to bring life to equilibrium and the challenges.

“Digital technology appears to be one of the major solutions to integrate in our concern to promote the strengths and resilience of our cultural tourism. Aware of the importance of this exceptional situation, we have sensitized the 24 artistic and cultural centers organized by discipline to invest in innovative activities adapted to the context” said the Minister of Arts and Culture Bidoung Kpwatt in a presentation at the teleconference.

He added that Cameroon has set up an application center for the promotion of cultural tourism through digital technology. According to the Minister, the aim of this digital platform will be to expand the market and serve internet users and researchers with content from the cultural and other related sectors.

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