Cameroon; Tabenyang Augusta unpacks new budget innovations

by Fonban Emmanuel

Minister Louis Paul and his collaborators after the session with collaborators
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The launching of the 2021 state budget in the South Region of Cameroon by the Minister of Finance gave an opportunity for experts in different ministries to make presentations on the budget reforms as well as taxes at all levels.

The presentations relating to the 2021 state budget was one among the many activities that were organised during the visit of the Minister of Finance to carry on with the opening session of the ceremony to launch the 2021 state budget.

Another activity that was relevant was a meeting with the decentralized staff of the Ministry of Finance that brought together their hierarchies at the Regional levels as well as auxiliaries.

During this meeting which took place on January 13, 2021 with the decentralized staff of MINFI in the South Region, the Minister had the opportunity to listen to the challenges of his collaborators and made some remarks.

“Every time I go out of the capital city in Yaounde to visit my collaborators, it is very important for me to have a working session. This session helps me to update them on the situation of our economy, the situation of public finance and what we should do to ameliorate. I had a discussion with them and they made some recommendations. I visited their offices where they work and what I can say is that the situation is better from what is in other areas.  The figures are encouraging. For instance, the second service of the custom department of this region installed in Kribi, now can reach more than 10billion frs cfa per month” said Louis Paul Motaze.

Meanwhile the presentation on the 2021 budget reforms which was done on January 12, 2021 by Tabenyang Augusta who is the Head of Division in chare of Budgets at the Ministry of Finance spiced the purpose of the visit.

In her presentation in the South Region to those who were concerned and present, Tabeyang Augusta briefed officials on the circular on the execution of the budget for the 2021 that was signed on the 30December 2020 by the Minister of Finance.

session with MINFI collaborators during budget launching in Ebolowa

“This document bears the monetary policy measures that were developed by the government but approved by the parliament. So, when we talk of execution, it means all the stakeholders understand this document so that they can better manage their budget and ensure that they attain their objectives. When it comes to the innovations, they are very many but we have just taken a few to highlight because we want the actors to go into the document and reason out. They will get appropriate information that will help them in executing their budgets” said Tabenyang Augusta, H.O.D in charge of Budget at MINFI.

 She added that one of the expectations for this year is to optimize the collection of service revenue.

Another issue this innovation has confronted is that of state agents attached to two institutions. According to Tabenyang Augusta, the law makes it clear that each and every civil servant only must only receive their salary from the institution where they currently render services.   

“In some cases, you still see some individuals who collect salaries where they work and still collect salaries from the state. We are working to make sure that all state agents who are detached to various administrations like councils or public establishments, should produce their certificates of secession of payment so that the head of the public establishment understands that they are no longer collecting salaries from the state” said the H.O.D in charge of Budget at MINFI.

 Other innovations concern special accounts and other aspects which improves on the management of budget on paper.

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