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Prof. Kelly Mua says there is 2000billion frs reserved but the private sector must restructure to access

by Fonban Emmanuel “Before you start up your business operations or whatever it is, there are fundamental questions you need to ask yourself” and these questions and answers were reason behind the conference organised by one of Cameroon’s newest Professor, Kelly Mua Kingsly, a financial engineer from Copper Stone University in Zambia. This conference was […]

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Prof Serge Etoundi Installs UNESCO/ICESCO officials while handing ICESCO’s COVID parcel to MINAT

By Fonban Emmanuel The Minister of Basic Education, Prof Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa who doubles as the National President of the National Commission for UNESCO on Friday, 14 August 2020 installed the administrative staff of the National Commission for UNESCO and equally the administrative staff the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation known by […]

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As Students fly without perching, GCE Board shoots without missing.

By Marie Collette Limnyuy (student on internship) Malpractices during public examinations have become an academic epidemic in Cameroon. Students in their numbers going in for public examinations within the national territory often take narrow paths to get certificates either by crook or hook. Victims of examination malpractices especially in the General Certificate of Education Examinations […]

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