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Improper discharge of toilet waste to gutters, invite faeces to homes during downpours in Yaounde.

By Menji puapina Ngain (student on internship) The people in Bonas around the National School of Post and Telecommunications, a remote area in Yaounde are currently surrounded by a strong effluvium generated by the improper discharge of toilet waste in the gutters around the said locality. THE ASTUTE INK visited the locality and noticed that, […]

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ICENECDEV and Humanitarian Crisis in Africa

ICENECDEV with Support from United Nations Foundation join The SAFE Humanitarian Working Group  a consortium of humanitarian agencies and NGOs whose mission is to facilitate a more coordinated, predictable, timely, and effective response to the fuel and energy needs of crisis-affected populations. ICENECDEV join the Safe Access to Fuel and Energy Workshop 2019 in Addis Ababa […]

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