Clinton Chofor; a young volunteer sensitizes students on menstrual hygiene

Clinton Chofor; a young volunteer sensitizes students on menstrual hygiene

by Fonban Lendzemo

Clinton Chofor at Staff College in Douala teaching on menstrual hygiene
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Clinton Chofor, a young community volunteer has conducted some series of sensitization campaigns on menstrual hygiene as part of the activities to commemorate the menstrual hygiene day which is normally celebrated on 28 May 2021.

 During the campaign, the community volunteer drilled young girls in the secondary school about aspects of menstruation from adolescence.

“We are here to break the silence about menstruation and remove the shyness from it. We told them how to cope with menstruation and also the need for schools to provide facilities for girls during menstruation. We believe this will empower girls with knowledge on sexual and reproductive health especially menstruation” said Clinton Chofor.

It is important to not that this is coming in the era where girls still suffer some societal discrimination during menstruation. This discrimination has made menstruation a heavy load that gives many girls discomfort because of the society around them.

  On Friday, 23 and Wednesday 28 April 2021 Clinton visited Staff College and Mount Carmel College in Douala respectively in the Littoral Region of Cameroon.

Clinton with students of Mount Carmel in Douala after a session on menstrual hygiene

  Clinton Chofor told THE ASTUTE INK that his commitment is to ensure that no girl is held back by her menstruation especially during school time.

  This gave the students a special opportunity to be able to share their experiences with Clinton and his team. From the complains raised by the students, the attitude of parents and their failure to educate children on reproductive health, pushes many girls who are getting menstruation for their first time to feel that it is a health threat.

  It is important that parents should begin to play a role in this so that young girls could start understanding that menstruation is just another stage of life that indicates that a girl is already fertile for reproduction.

It is important to note that Clinton Chofor is a member of the The YALI Regional Leadership Center (RLC) West AfricaAccra

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