COMNAT officials visit Yaounde Microscience Excellence Center

by Fonban Emmanuel

Njiki Alice, Lab coordinator showing lab equipment to COMNAT officials
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Some newly appointed officials of the National Commission for UNESCO, on Thursday, 27 August 2020 paid a visit to the Yaounde Center of Excellence in Microscience located at “Lycee le Clerc” in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde.

The visit was to expose the center to the officials so that they are informed of its existence as a UNESCO facility in the country.  The visit was headed by Nguewo Eveline who is the chief of sector in Natural Sciences at the National Commission for UNESCO.

During the visit, the head of the institution, Dr. Biwole Mbiock Nazaire welcomed the guests to the institution and took them round the science laboratories in the institution as well as some stores containing some imported equipment still to be used.

During the visit, the Director of the institution, Dr. Biwole briefed the national commission’s officials on some background history of the center.

“It is a category two UNESCO center which has a sub-regional competence. The activities we do here in Cameroon are done parallelly in 11 countries” said Dr. Biwole Mbiock Nazaire, the Director of the Center. He added that, the center is aimed at promoting experimentation in science through the use of microscience kits and low-cost materials to improve the quality teaching and learning of science subjects in secondary schools and first cycle of the university.

The Director of the Center talking to COMNAT officials.

The importance of the center was spelt out by the head of the Biology and Natural Science laboratory of the institution.

“The center is to train trainers who are the teachers to go to the field and teach the children how to do hands-on activities. To better understand the language of the sciences, you must act. This is the reason why we have the micro kits that are being carried to classes. Some schools have and some are still demanding for them. For student teachers from the Advance Teachers Training College, we train them to go to school and train children” said Njiki Alice who National Pedagogic Inspector of Biology and Lab coordinator for the Biology and Natural Science laboratory in the institution.

After the visit, the delegation from the national commission was satisfied with what they saw as the chief of sector gave her remarks to the press.

Akana Martin, making explanations to the officials

“We have visited the Biology, Physics and Chemistry laboratories. The Director has talked of the film that was produced by the science students, so this center also has a vision to inspire young people interested in sciences. We are in a developing country and we do not have the resources to mount giant laboratories. So, this center helps in using mini science kits to simulate experiments that can only be done in giant laboratories” Nguewo Eveline ep Fosso Chief of Sector for Natural Sciences.

Laboratory officials like  Akana Martin who is the National Inspector of Physics and others described the activities that take place in the laboratories and this crowned the visit and fulfilled its objectives.

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