CONSUPE and CSOs join hands to protect public wealth in Extractive industries

by Fonban Emmanuel

Mbah Acha Rose and leaders of CSOs and partners
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The Minister Delegate at the Presidency in Charge of Supreme State Audit, Mbah Acha Rose on Thursday, 10 December 2020 presided over the opening ceremony of the meeting of the CONSUPE-Civil Society Organisations cooperative platform.

This meeting between CONSUPE-CSOs platform was jointly organised by CONSUPE and Extractive Industries Surveillance Improvement Project (PASIE) organize with aim to improve the governance in extractive industries as well as policies.

The meeting follows the partnership which was signed between CONSUPE and some Civil Society Organisations which are active in monitoring and strengthening financial governance and transparency in the extractive industries in Cameroon.

Minister Mbah Acha Rose during the opening ceremony, said civil society organisations are CONSUPE’s partners in the oversight management of public funds.

Minister Mbah Acha Rose of CONSUPE

“Today, we have this meeting with them, to strengthen our cooperation and collaboration with them because we realized that we are doing the same thing and we have the same objectives of accountability, transparency and making sure that the rest of the citizens are protected. So, this meeting is to reassure them, that we are in the same field with same objectives and that we are working together in synergy to yield more for our citizens” said Minister Mbah Acha Rose.

She, however, expressed her gratitude Global Affairs Canada for funding the PASIE project which has so far been beneficial in improving performance in the extractive industries sector.

Revitalizing the CONSUPE-National CSOs cooperation platform by capitalizing on the synergies that could improve monitoring of public finance management in Cameroon, and in particular of the management of the mining sector is one of the top objectives of this seminar.

Meanwhile, contributing to strengthening the public finance management surveillance chain, by increasing communication between CONSUPE and CSOs is another objective among others. After the opening ceremony, Martin Tsounkeu who is President of the Civil Society Organizations in the platform for cooperation said their role as CSOs is to help the government in protecting public wealth. He however cited their challenges as CSOs.

“The first main challenge is the one that we are now trying to solve which is having the same understanding. It took sometime before we got to this point but as you heard from the Minister we are getting more and more towards a very good understanding and shaping the way we work. The other challenge is that of the means that we need to be very effective and this is where we wish to show our gratitude to the PASIE project which we hope will come and give some of the means that we need to move forward with this initiative” said Martin Tsounkeu of African Development Interchange Network who is also President of the CSOs in the platform.

The expectations of the two-day meeting are; to have the platform reflect on the mechanisms to be put in place to allow CSOs monitor audit results and others.

However, the CSOs are acknowledging the level of understanding CONSUPE is showing though their setbacks remain an issue.


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