Douglas Achingale advocates inclusive education in his new publication

by Fonban Emmanuel

Douglas Achingale signing for a launchers
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Douglas Achingale who is the Deputy General Manager of the Cardinal Paul Emile Leger National Rehabilitation Centre for persons living with disabilities, on Tuesday 18 August 2020 launched his new publication titled; INCLUSIVE EDUCATION: THE WAY TO GO. The event took place at the Yaounde city council hall and was witnessed by many friends, colleagues, fans and, media men and women who showed up at the book launch to have the first taste of the master piece.

The 106page publication is a play inspired by the seriousness of the author to contribute his share in building inclusive societies. From the biography of the author read by Ojong Stevens who is the publisher of THE MEDIAN, Douglas was born on 19 July 1967 at Mbonge situated in Meme Division of the South West Region. The renowned writer and an administrator is a scholar who graduated from the National School of Administration and Magistracy in Cameroon and currently a PhD fellow in the University of Yaounde I.

From the forward written by the Minister of Social Affairs in the person of Pauline Irene Nguene, while acknowledging the excellence and extraordinary skills of the author who has challenged his physical status, Minister Pauline says going through the books she discovered the author as a keen observer of society, a passionate teacher, a forward-looking counselor, an emphatic therapist, an incontestable humanist, and a master storyteller.

a cross section of participants at the book launch

The author believes that education is the light that chases darkness from the society. The author considers his pen as the best weapon that addresses the social perception about people living with special needs who are often seen in society as witches and wizards. To Douglas Achingale, there is no need creating special educational institution exclusively for persons living with disabilities.

He trusts that inclusive education which can accommodate the so-called abled bodies in the same setting with people living with disabilities could be a starting point for building inclusive societies.

The reviewer of the book, Agho Glory, an administrator at the CBCHS during the launching ceremony, expressed her satisfaction in the content of the book but challenged the author that she would like to read more as a continuation of the same book in another volume. It was all fun especially with remarks from different personalities like the Publisher of Nya Publishers who said he was amazed seeing this work as he wrongfully believed that the presidential appointment that came for the author was a danger to his pen.

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