Douglas Achingale Handi-Basket Tournament, a factor of social integration.

by Fonban Emmanuel

First match of the handi-basket tournament
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Douglas Achingale, the Deputy General Manager of Cardinal Paul Emile Leger National Centre for the Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities, has organised the second edition of Douglas Achingale Handi-Basket Tournament in Yaounde, Cameroon’s capital city. The opening ceremony took place on Saturday, 12 December 2020 at the Cardinal Paul Emile Leger National Centre for the Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities, Yaounde with opening matches played the same day.

Signing up for the games for this second edition were for teams; Wheel Stars, Young Stars, All Stars, Real CNRPH which had their first games on the first day of play.

The first game was played by Wheel Stars and Young Stars whereas in the second match, REAL CNRPH confronted New Stars. In all six matches were played and all the four teams showed equal strength those taking them to semi finals which were played on Sunday at press time.

During the opening ceremony, the Deputy G.M of the Center who doubles as the Founder and CEO of Sports on Wheels, an association through which he organizes the hand-basket tournament said the tournament gives an opportunity for persons with disabilities to practice sports.

Douglas Achingale, Founder and CEO of SPORTS ON WHEELS

“The main objective of this initiative is to enable persons with disabilities to enjoy all the advantages that sports offer to the human self. Sports is a factor of social integration and all the advantages that the so-called able-body footballers or handballers or those who practice different kinds of sports enjoy, persons with disabilities have to enjoy them too” said Douglas Achingale as he presided over the opening ceremony of the games.

He emphasized that, persons living with disabilities must not be allowed to be isolated but must be encouraged to have self-confidence while accepting one another and themselves.

Achinga further appreciated charitable persons who supported him and his association to ensure that the second edition of this tournament came to light. Despite the support from few people, the tournament still demands more from well-wishers to attain another level.  The organiser acknowledged the challenges that come with organizing such competitions but his determination outsmarts the challenges.

athletes on the pitch

Among all the challenges he mentioned, Achingale talked of wheelchairs used by the athletes which are old and can’t permit them to feel free in the game and do their best in playing. He called on those who can show support to come up and support him and his organisation to ensure that subsequent editions of the game are better than the previous editions. It is the responsibility of those with a means who care about persons with disabilities and their happiness, to show them love by giving support to this tournament.

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