Dr.Edith Gibson hits the aesthetic market with new brand products.

by Fonban Emmanuel

“Xcape”, the newest aesthetic product for skin care is going into history as the best product for the human race with melanin, a pigmented chemical found in some humans. The product is the fruit of research work that counted 7years of effective laboratory work of experiments and synthesis.

The brain behind the miraculous scientific fabrication is a young dynamic medical aesthetician in the person of Dr. Edith F. She holds a PhD in Industrial Psychology from the University of Phoenix Arizona in USA and defends her title a skin care expert and consultant.

The visionary, on Tuesday, 22 October 2019, announced the coming of 5 aesthetic products from her laboratory during her first media outreach campaign that took place at the Muna’s Foundation.

Her products are organic and she believes will help Africans to use ideal skin products, which have been fabricated while taking into consideration their skin structure and its components.

“The benefit you get from this product is that it has been designed specifically for your skin type. After seven years of doing clinical research, a formula has been designed for your specific skin care” said Dr. Edith F. Gibson as she spoke to the press.

However, following a briefing from Dr. Edith, she said “Xcape” is the first skin care product designed to address the ailments that people in the tropics suffer due to harsh climatic conditions.

She further added that her products from “Xcape” brand can respond to over 8000 sampled skin challenges observed from thorough aesthetic analysis of skin types in Yaoundé, Douala, Bamenda and many other towns.

During the media outreach, Dr. Edith expressed gratitude to those who made this vision possible through support in hard times of research. She noted the Ministry of Health, Scientific Innovation and some other Ministries who showed her some support within the course.

It is interesting to know that Dr. Edith did not only limit her research in Cameroon, but she sailed through many countries to make the products from her research extensive in offering skin solutions.

Being a charitable person, she offered to build capacities in some students of Quality International College in Yaounde wherein she worked closely and followed them up till they realized the goals.

Forkou Djuiko Joyce Lesley is a student in Quality International College who benefited from her training and this is what she told the press;

“In 2017, we started off with the project called the Moringa Revolution and we wanted to come out with a brand of organic products for skin cares. So Doctor has been coming to school from time to time to talk to us about skin care and we told her about this and she was really impressed.

She offered her lab, her equipment, her staff and her ingredients, so we worked in her lab”.

The iconic young woman said, she will not engage in selling the products but she is calling on Cameroonians who feel they can be interested in distributing, to contact them through their office in Olezoa or get their contact details from their website on www.myxcape.com.

She intends to create jobs for distributors who will engage in distributing her product in Cameroon.

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