Dr.Fuh Calistus offers cash and COVID-19 preventive kits to his natives of Mbembe

by Fonban Emmanuel

beneficiaries of gifts offered by Secretary Gentry
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The Secretary of State at the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry on Saturday, July 11, 2020, donated some COVID-19 preventive kits to the IDPs from Mbembe, his native village in Donga Matung Division.

The donation was not only made of COVID-19 preventive kits but also a cash sum of 1million frs cfa to support especially the internally displaced from his area of origin.

The donation which took place at the Biyem-Assi neighbourhood saw the presence of the Mbembe Cultural and Development Association with acronym MBECUDA and its executives as well as the representative of the Mayor of Ako who is Nkanya Nkwai.

In a message to the Mbembe community served to beneficiaries by the representative of the Secretary of State, she said we can escape war to different regions but we can’t escape the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Dr. Fuh Calistus believes they can’t be fighting this pandemic and he is sleeping in his house without helping his people,” said the representative of Dr. Fuh Calistus.

Talking to the Mbembe people at the ceremony, she said Dr.Fuh Calistus’ donation is apolitical and his own way of standing by his people with his widow’s mite.

“The Mbembe people have not had that opportunity to benefit from this kind of gesture. The Secretary of State is a Mbembe man and is somebody who likes the Mbembe people, so we are very happy with this gesture. We thank the Secretary of State and we say the people of Ako are ready to work with him” added the representative of the Mayor Nkanya Nkwai of Ako.

On his part, the National President of MBECUDA in the person of Mbeh Augustine told the Mbembe community present that the only way to show appreciation to the Secretary of State, is by making a good use of the things he has donated.

“Today I am opportune to have a gesture from the Secretary of State. I have many things here to fight against COVID-19. I have been watching on Tv other authorities sharing to their people and today I am happy we have a benefactor too” said Dieudonne, one of the beneficiaries.

All who benefited from preventive kids like face masks and sanitizers as well as other gifts with some cash went home happy and thanking Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry for being a cheerful giver.

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