Cameroon; VINEBUM equips some IDPs with business startup knowledge

VINEBUM equips some IDPs with business startup knowledge

by Fonban E. Lendzemo

Dr. Susannash with participants after the business talk
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Dr. Mboh Susannash an Expert in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, on March 8, 2021, gave a business startup talk to some IDPs in Yaounde. As Coordinator of the Vocational Institute for Entrepreneurs and Business Management with the acronym VINEBUM, her training targeted the skills that could permit the participants to properly start small and medium-sized businesses as well manage their financial resources responsibly.

To drive the participants towards the vision of her institution, Dr. Susannash deployed know-how from VINEBUM that gave the participants a new perspective in entrepreneurship and business management.

It is important to note that VINEBUM is Vocational Institute that offers 6 – 9 months certified training on; business startup knowledge and techniques to effectively manage a business to ensure its growth and sustainability.
Located in Yaounde at Jouvance, VINEBUM remains a model for self-employment and job creation.

Admission is currently going on for the next session of training.
Venue: Carrefour Jouvence (opp. sans souci)
Contact: 654 05 52 38 / 69951206.

A talk which was almost her business master class had different orientations on making a strategic and successful journey in business that could end in the right destination.

   According to the astute lady, it is not an academic certificate that permits people to succeed in business but business intelligence which she preferred to call it in local parlance; “common sense” spiced with humility.

Her examples were sufficient to permit participants to understand the model so as to ease implementation.

“I learned that I can startup a business with very little. I also learned that business knowledge is very important and it is not acquired only in school but found in common sense. This is in the form of wisdom that God has given each and every one of us” said one participant who preferred to be identified as Roseline.

As Dr. Susannash navigated different aspects of business in her talk, she cautioned participants to always be conscious of protecting their capital in every business.

“No matter your problem, never use your capital or lend it to someone” said Dr. Susannash.

Ngwani Ecanesia is one of the participants and after the business talk, she remarked; “When there is no knowledge, you can’t move forward. That is why even the bible will say; my people perish because of lack of knowledge. What she gave us was so inspiring and it will help me start up a business”.

At the end of the seminar, participants were promised a mini startup capital, to enable them put the knowledge they acquired to test by starting up a small business.

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