Filmmakers have been arrested in Douala, Cameroon’s economic capital

By Fonban E. Lendzemo

Cast and crew on set
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Some five English speaking film makers have been arrested in Douala around the Bikoko area as they were shooting a film. This happened on the 11 February 2021 which was celebrated as the Youth Day in Cameroon.

Reports from fellow actors onset indicates that the five people arrested included the Assistant Producer of the film, Director, Production Manager and two other actors whose names we could not trace at the time we published. According to those present, the film had wooden guns as props and those living around the area alerted the police as they suspected the set was a training site for separatists fighters commonly called Amba boys, whom they believed were rehearsing to bring down Douala in an attack.

The producer of the film, Fabrice Chebi who was not onset as he went to bury his mother who died when he started the production spoke to us and said that the film has nothing to do with Amba boys.

The actors who were lucky said, as the police were deployed to the site, they met some casts who were returning home around 6pm and stopped them and asked them for their identity cards and what was going on around the suspected area. After explaining that it was a film set with proves of images from the director and others who arrived after they received a call on phone from those trapped, the police confirmed and said it was important for them to follow them to their station at Bonasama for confirmation.

The film members of the crew settled with the officers knowing that they were already free of any trouble and misconception. From the reports we got at, as they arrived at the police station, the story changed and they were kept behind bars even as we published today 14 February 2021. Their fellows say the police had requested them to pay 150,000frs for the reason none of them could explain but they did so and have not still been released.

The narrative of one actor on set indicates that the 150,000frs demanded was for using a site of the plantation at Bikoko Yapaki without permission.

Other actors have been scared to speak out for fear that they may be identified and picked up.

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