HIBMAT, a University with unwavering resolve to build employers and professionals

HIBMAT, a University with unwavering resolve to build employers and professionals

by Lendzemo

HIBMAT President sitting in the middle with guest speakers and prof. Talla by his right
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It is one of the most prominent private universities in the South West Region of Cameroon with now, another campus in Douala, Littoral Region.

 HIBMAT with full meaning as; Higher Institute for Business Management and Technology is a University for professionals not only by appellation but by the vision of the hierarchy of this institution under the command of an industrious man, Dr. Chilaka Jude.

  However, among the structures that have been affected by the arm conflicts in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon, HIBMAT remains one of the institutions that has been greatly affected but the resolve of this institution has made it to maintain its forward move rather than pour down tears for the consequences of the war.

It should be noted that before the war started in 2016, HIBMAT leading the race as one of the highly populated private university institutes in Buea.

   In an effort to ensure that students studying in this great institution are not victims of unemployment after completing their programs, HIBMAT has made it a duty to ensure that apart from getting lectures from well refined lecturers, students are also exposed to mentorship programs through seminars and conferences to shape themselves in different careers.

 A recent move in that direction is the conference on entrepreneurship organized on Friday, 16 April 2021 at the Amphi 500 of Campus B of the institution in Buea. The conference brought together students, some staff members, and the President of the Institution, Dr. Chilaka Jude, and the Rector; Emeritus Professor Talla Kashim.

students participating in the conference

 In welcome speech to students, staff and guest speakers at the conference, the President of the institution said the purpose of HIBMAT is not to train students who will go about pestering the government to acquire service code numbers.

  According to the President of HIBMAT, students completing programs from HIBMAT should be able to go into various communities to provide solutions to problems and create opportunities using the skills, training and knowledge acquired from the Higher Institute of Business Management and Technology.

  The speakers at this conference were; Bridget Younwi Ngengeh who is an employment counsellor of the National Employment Fund, Fonban Emmanuel; a former student of Computer Engineering who is presently Filmmaker and Publisher of THE ASTUTE INK, as well as Lenjo Valery who is a teacher of Computer Science and the founder of LENJVAL’s TECHNOLOGIES.

The exchange of these speakers was directed towards shifting students minds from locking their minds to job searching and thinking out of the box on job creation.

To students who still showed interest on civil service jobs, Emiritus Professor Talla Kashim told them that making a choice to school in HIBMAT is already a sign that a student wants to be an entrepreneur who creates opportunities and not a jobseeker.

 The overall message to the world and to students is that HIBMAT does not train jobseekers but job creators who solve problems using professionalism.

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