Holy Infant College at the Altar of God

Souvenir photo of Dr. Awasum and Holy Infant students
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The Holy Infant College has represented the school in thanking God at the St. Joseph Anglophone parish in Mvogada where the Marian harvest thanksgiving season is currently running. This took place on Sunday 19th November 2017 during the second mass presided over by the Deputy Secretary General of the National Catholic Education Secretariat, Reverend Fr. Zepherinus Yem Mbuh.

   The participation of the students of the Holy Infant College at mass in Mvogada excited parishioners of St. Joseph Anglophone as they watched the students in their clean school uniforms.

   During alms giving, the students, led by their proprietor; Dr. Awasum Simon distinct themselves in all forms that could proof of their special gratitude to God for the incomparability of his grace in their lives.  As interesting as the thanksgiving offertory procession was, we decided to take our microphone to Dr. Awasum Simon, the proprietor of the Holy Infant Bilingual School and he spoke to us in a brief interview.

   We started by asking to know what motivated him to bring his students to offer to God in the Marian thanksgiving season in Mvogada; “first of all am a born catholic, and I went to SASSE College and had a special formation and that formation has affected my life all through. God has been blessing us and our children and our school, so we should thank him for all what he has done. We don’t take things for granted; we know so many people are lucky”

 In his testimonies, the proprietor of the school said he started the school with just eight children but the population of the school has exponentially increased since then till now when they have more than a thousand students. He happily told us about the recent National Classification of the General Certificate of Education Exams in which the school was third in position. Dr. Awasum maintained that those results alone could testify of the quality of education they render to young Cameroonians as he affirmed that they are outstanding in the region.

 “We are not just doing academics; our school has always come first in the national philosophy exams. We also do Chinese and we were the best in Chinese language in Cameroon. We do competitions in environment and other aspects” said Dr. Awasum. In order to build the moral integrity to synchronize with the quality of education they give to their students and pupils, the school does not relents its efforts in boosting the spiritual lives of its pupils and students as the proprietor told us they pray at least five times in a day and also top the discipline in the school.

“The school is the only school in Cameroon that primary school children do sciences and get into the laboratory” was another interesting issue raised by Dr. Awasum. It was interesting to know that at Primary school children were already familiarized with laboratory experiments in science.   At the end of the mass, Dr. Awasum and his education family all had a souvenir photo in church which marked the end of their church program at St. Joseph Anglophone Parish at Mvogada

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