ICESCO offers new generation teleconference equipment to COMNAT

by Fonban Emmanuel

Minster Laurent Serge receiving the new generation teleconference equipment and pointers on how to operate.
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The Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation known as ICESCO has donated a set of new generation video conferencing equipment to the National Commission for UNESCO in Cameroon. This was presented to the Prof Laurent Serge Etoundi, the Minister of Basic Education who doubles as the National President of the Commission for UNESCO in Cameroon. The ceremony took place at the headquarters of the National Commission in Yaounde in the presence of the Secretary of State, Dr. Asheri Kilo, the S.G of the National Commission for UNESCO and some ICESCO representatives.

“This is a multimedia center that has been offered to us by ICESCO. It is the equivalence of UNESCO as you know and this is the top grade of a multimedia facility that they have offered to us. This will be useful in the sense that the Minister can attain all types of international conferences sitting right here. The Minister can coordinate all the Regional Delegations of the Ministry of Basic Education by sitting right here. This facility is opened to be used for all the sectors of education in the country. The Minister of Higher Education will come here, sit and coordinate the meetings with his rectors, the Minister of Secondary Education can also come here and coordinate her meetings. So, this is a wonderful facility and we are thankful to ICESCO” said Dr. Asheri Kilo as she expressed her appreciations a Secretary od Education.

Souvenir picture of Minister Serge with collaborators and representatives of partner ministries

She however added that, the gift is timely and among the most valuable gifts anyone could offer Cameroon during this period the world is battling with COVID 19.

To Minister Serge Etoundi the equipment is super-efficient and will support Cameroon and especially partner ministries in connecting to international teleconferences when need arises.

“Henceforth some activities that necessitate displacement of our regional staff could now be done remotely if the Ministers consider so and this would not only reduce the risk of travelling but also the budget which is allocated for these activities” said Prof Laurent Serge Etoundi as he received the video conference equipment.

As the National President of the Commission, the Minister said the hall where the equipment is mounted is opened for partner ministries to exploit at any moment need calls.

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