Improper discharge of toilet waste to gutters, invite faeces to homes during downpours in Yaounde.

By Menji puapina Ngain (student on internship)

waste in a gutter in-front of a house
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The people in Bonas around the National School of Post and Telecommunications, a remote area in Yaounde are currently surrounded by a strong effluvium generated by the improper discharge of toilet waste in the gutters around the said locality.

THE ASTUTE INK visited the locality and noticed that, people around this area, like some other remote areas in Yaounde, do not dig their latrines so deep. Based on what we gathered, the shallow latrines in these areas often have pipes which are designed to connect faeces from the latrines to the nearby gutters. These gutters are often transformed into discharge gutters for toilet and house waste as well as dirty water from many houses. These gutters gradually become a breeding space for mosquitoes where they can multiply in their numbers and become a leading cause of many diseases to inhabitants around these areas. As a consequence, inhabitants around these areas become vulnerable to diseases like typhoid and other related diseases that arise from poor sanitation. We spoke to some inhabitants of this area. ” Little children from this area drink and swim in these gutters which contribute to the higher rate of typhoid this year” cried a woman in the quarter. This woman feels that the inhabitants of this area should not be blamed.

It is said that during the rainy season, the gutters get full during downpours and enters in people’s houses with the waste from all angles.

“We are entangled. We don’t know what to do.We don’t have enough land to dig a lantrine here.we are doom” said a man in that locality.

They believe that government support by helping them to have good toilets can stop the discharge of waste into the gutters.
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