National Assembly carries out an exhibition of pioneer female MPs

By Fonban E. Lendzemo

Gaston Komba explaining images to MPs and participants
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The National Assembly through the effort of its Secretary-General; Gaston Komba and his collaborators, has organised an exhibition to bring back to light women who have occupied spaces in the National Assembly since the first legislative period.

The exhibition took place at the National Museum with a huge gallery of past female Members of Parliament explained to participants by the Secretary General of the National Assembly.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Deputy Speaker; Hon. Emilia Monjowa Lifaka who lauded the Rt. Hon. Speaker for making the exhibition possible.

The photo exhibition brought back records of female parliamentarians from the first legislative period in 1973 till date.

The exhibition gave the current parliamentarians and citizens who were present the opportunity to know more about the role of female parliamentarians since the foundation of the national assembly.

This exposition fell within the ambit of the 36th edition of the international women’s day which has been used to screen the role of a woman in the development of a society.

The National Assembly in its efforts to give women equal opportunities in the society has improved significantly as the number of women in the house continue to increase over time.

From the first legislative period in 1973 which had 7women out of the 180members to the second which had 12women out of the 180, the number of female MPs has increased to 61 out of the 180members during the 10th legislative period in 2021.

This increase is a sign that women are increasingly given the opportunity to play an active role in leadership and also given places in decision making circles.

The theme of the exhibition; “The story of women’s leadership in parliament from the 1st to the 10th legislative period” portrayed the uniqueness of past female parliamentarians, be it from their speeches or from their contributions to nation building.

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