Making a life-changing opportunity from agony; the case of Dela

by Fonban Emmanuel

In the English Speaking Region of Cameroon, a gentleman called Ufaichek Dela has become famous among his classmates with his great pieces of writings which inspire and motivate his friends. Dela is a student in Upper sixth Commercial at the Presbyterian Comprehensive Secondary School in Buea and victim of an accident that crippled him for some years.
His works were discovered by Mrs Ngenang Kulu, Director of the DLD children’s village, a children’s Rights advocacy group in Buea. Before we spoke to Dela, Mrs Ngenang Kulu told us how he discovered Dela; “We met Dela during one of our schools visits in August of 2019. He was enthusiastic after listening to our presentations. He immediately approached us asking to tell us more about himself. He introduced his writings to us, and we immediately fell in love with his spirit. We paid a visit to his home during the holiday in a bit to validate his story and his dad confirmed and added more to what he told us. We have since been seeking for ways to best tell his story so as to best portray him to the world, till we got in contact with Fonban Emmanuel”.
As we drove to PCSS where Dela schools accompanied by Mrs Ngenang kulu who requested permission from the school administrators for us to interview Dela, in the campus we met Dela in class doing what he loves best during a free period. The relationship between him and his friends might not be a hundred percent mutual but Dela is standing out unique with his ideologies.
However, we tried to talk to Dela but we discovered his memory is still learning what he suffered during the accident and more of what he knows is what he was told by friends and family members and not what he can remember about his life during the agonizing days he was down from the accident.
Dela stayed in coma for six weeks and spent some years struggling to learn how to move again. He may be upright now moving but his movement still depicts the sign of a victim of an accident which has become more of a physical challenge.
The great mind is not intellectually challenged by this physical challenge but he believes he can use his pen to touch lives and fight for equality of people of all social classes.
” I decided to write because I discovered in the world today many people are underestimated especially some of us the physically challenged people. We are seen as unproductive in the society and this is what made me to start writing, so that the world may know that it is not good to minimize any category of human beings” said Ufaichek Dela.
Among his unpublished pieces of writings are; “Crippled Millionaire”, “My Best Friend, my Rival” and some others that have so far thrilled his classmates who enjoy his works in creative writing.
The brilliant writer told us that he is hoping to see his books reach all the ends of the world and also ambitious to get all his works transformed into film scripts for big budget films that can ignite change in the world.

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