Every human being is supposed to have a glorious adventure here on earth, but many are unable to live to that reality given that they keep on loving in circles of uncertainty.

For all to live a glorious life, there must be a change and for change to be seen, we need transformed minds to change the world. We all have that collective duty to accept positive change and radiate it to the world.
Everyone is entitled to a satisfying life but it takes training to make you what you ought to be. Making full proof of oneself helps you train yourself to be what you ought to be

Someone maybe asking be ; What does it mean to make proof of myself??
It simply mean to know what is in you and living for it, pursuing it with passion till you hold it. You have potentials in you to become a world changer, discover and go for them. Don’t sit and dream of a greater future in your room, get up and make your dreams become reality by pursuing what is in you.

Knowing what God created you for and going for it. God didn’t create anybody to be a nonentity here on earth. For his good plans for you are to give you a glorious end. When you live your life independent of God, you are just making yourself vulnerable to destruction. Walk in his direction, discover your purpose here on earth and go for it.

It is one thing to know something but another to act according to it till you get it. As a global changer, you will never be announced until you announce yourself. Stop staying in your room with that great vision. Stop sitting in one place and wishing to be like Mr A or Mr B, get up and hit it big.

You can know how to sing, write, sew, dance, design etc get up and engage to it and watch it grow. Rather than sitting and waiting for big things to happen, get up and hit it big. Stop waiting for millions to start that business, start it with what you have and watch it grow.

You can’t do the same thing over and over again and accept a different result, Do something new and get a better results. Make full proof of yourself to your destiny.

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