MAP scheme will end estimated billing soon.. NERC

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by Chucks Nzeh

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, has said its Meter Asset Providers, MAP, scheme will soon bring an end to the era of estimated billing of electricity consumers.

This was revealed by the Chairman of the Commission Professor James Momoh, in Abuja,  recently while speaking  with journalists.

He said “Now we have investors, who have agreed to provide the meters at their own expense and make a little profit, so it does not have to be the problem of the DISCOs anymore.

“As we speak, so many of the DISCOs have started providing meters and this has taken care of the bottleneck experienced by lack of no meters.

It does not mean that every Nigerian will get the meter tomorrow morning, but the number of people calling that they have meter has increased.”

He said there is a lot of blame game going on in the power sector in the country which had become a national issue.

“NERC formed a committee and invited the DISCOs and the Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, to discuss and we were able to identify the challenges.

We made them agree on things to be done to address the challenges and if they fail to do what they promised, it is then the regulatory order will be given to sanction or make them do what they promised,” he noted.

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