Michael Stephen Hoza Ends His Diplomatic Mission in Cameroon

H.E Michael Stephen Hoza with Paul Biya, Cameroon’s president

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The outgoing Ambassador of the United States of America H.E Michael Stephen Hoza has ended his mission in Cameroon with a visit to the unity palace on Wednesday 06th September 2017. The visit defined a farewell audience granted by the head of state, H.E Paul Biya to the American diplomat.

  H.E Michael Stephen Hoza leaving Cameroon after spending three fruitful years has strengthen the bonds between the Republic of Cameroon and the United States of America. It was on April 2014 when Michael Stephen Hoza arrived Cameroon on the ticket of the new head of U.S diplomatic missions to Cameroon and began building dreams and ambitions to spice the relationship between his country and the Republic of Cameroon. Within his stay in Cameroon, he did what he could do which might have been a widow’s mite to him but basket full of blessings to the Cameroon government.

   His final words recognized the efforts the government of the United States of America has made in assisting Cameroon to keep moving especially in health and security. He also acknowledged that Cameroon is a country with a bright future and thus his country was ready to increase the life span of the diplomatic it shares with Cameroon.

“Cameroon-U.S. cooperation currently stands on a solid pedestal. Proud to say that the United States and Cameroon broadened cooperation in numerous areas, such as in security, politics, economics, health, education, and the environment” said Michael Stephen Hoza the outgoing U.S ambassador.

    However, the efforts made by H.E Michael Stephen Hoza especially in strengthening the business sector in Cameroon yielded fruits on a full basket. Taking sight at the U.S commercial investments in Cameroon, the three years of reign of the U.S ambassador multiplied the U.S commercial investments in Cameroon from US$300million to the tune of US$2billion.

   To him, Mr.Paul Biya was on the right footing to achieving his emergence dream as H.E Hoza remarks on Biya’s consolidation of peace and stability which he feels are keys to achieving such visions. The outgoing U.S ambassador did not fail to applaud Mr.Biya’s efforts to eliminate Boko Haram and also his fight against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea as well as the shelter he provided to the refugees from the Central African Republic.

 Before signing out of the Unity Palace, H.E Stephen Hoza exchanged gifts with President Biya of the Republic of Cameroon and promises to maintain his personal relationship with the Republic of Cameroon.

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