MINADER Signs a Partnership Agreement with CISAC.

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development chaired by its boss Henri Ayissi has signed a partnership with the inter-professional council known by its french acronym CISAC (Conseil Interprofessionnel des Sociétés d’Assainissement ). This took place at the conference hall of his Ministry on Tuesday 31st October 2017. The new agreement aimed at boosting the quality of Cameroon’s agricultural products in foreign market will pave the way for CISAC experts to train laboratory technicians in the agro sector in Cameroon.

   In a brief talk, the President of CISAC explained the shortcomings that result to the poor performance of Cameroon’s agricultural products in the foreign market. A presentation was done by Hermann Henn, a food security expert at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in which he briefly explained the Cameroon Good Agricultural Practices (CAMER-GAP)

 It is important to note that, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) are voluntary audits that verify that fruits and vegetables that are produced, packed, handled, and stored as safely as possible to minimize risks of microbial food safety hazards. The presentation by the food security expert was therefore aimed at looking into the practices in Cameroon so as to better appreciate the deliveries of the partnership between the Ministry and CISAC.

 The result of this is expected to improve on the commercial value of the agricultural products in the foreign market.

“This convention is very important because it permits CISAC to provide to the Ministry Laboratories and help in their functioning. This is because we have many laboratories now and they are not accredited. This implies that we have lot problems when analyzing agricultural products. Now we will give the trainings to the Laboratory technicians to help them to be effective to analyze our products before sending to the foreign market so that we don’t have problems of quality again” said a food security expert of the ministry.

   CISAC has therefore been given the confidence to try its best in making sure that complains are reduced from the Cameroon agro products in foreign markets. They will equally be extending their expertise to the laboratories of the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries where they will be working on boosting the skills of technicians working in animal products.

  The success in this partnership could probably build an extensive outcome such as improving on agricultural methods that will improve not only quality in the yields but also an increase in the demand especially in foreign countries.

 The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development thanked the CISAC team for the presentation and also the participants who came to appreciate the value of the project. The expectations of the Minister were not short of an improvement in records as he gave his confidence by placing his signature in the partnership agreement.

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