MINAS awards its officials

MINAS Director; Angelica Mundi honored with a medal among others

by Fonban E. Lendzemo

Angelica Ambe Mundi- Director MINAS
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The Director at the Ministry of Social Affairs in charge of the old and persons living with disabilities in the person of Angelica Ambe Mundi has received a special distinction from her hierarchy. The distinction was the medal of the Knight of the Cameroon order of Valor. This took place at the Yaounde multipurpose sports complex on Friday, 19 February 2021 and was presided over by the Minister of Social Affairs; Pauline Irene Nguene.

While awarding the medals, Minister Pauline Irene Nguene, applauded the commitment of her collaborators who were decorated and called on them and others to increase performance for a greater output in her ministerial duties.

“The tireless pursuit of excellence in everything leads to success” said Minister Pauline Irene Nguene in a speech at the ceremony.

All those decorated expressed their gratitude to their leadership and their families for helping them to be efficient in their duties.

“This is a sign that the work we do thinking that no one is seeing is being appreciated. I thank God for giving me the knowledge and strength I use to do this work.  I thank the head of state for recognizing, I thank my Minister; Pauline Irene Nguene of Social Affairs for propelling me to where I am today. All I can say to my collaborators is that, hard work pays” said Angelica Ambe Mundi who is a Director at the Ministry of Social Affairs.

While talking to the media, Angelica Mundi encouraged other civil servants to work diligently with commitment and the rewards will come unexpectedly. According to the Director, no work is hidden, for everything anyone does anywhere is seen by someone.

The Director further expressed gratitude to her family for giving her the necessary support and said the medal she received was another motivation for her to do more.

The event also saw the installation of some officials who were recently appointed into different functions in the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Installing these officials in the dual ceremony, Minister Pauline Irene Nguene of MINAS called on them to respond to the plights of the socially vulnerable children and others in need of support from MINAS.

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