MINAT Women receive orientation in leadership and finance management

by Fonban E. Lendzemo

from left to right, Goretti Essama, MINAT’s Inspector and Dr.Susannash
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The Women of the Ministry of Territorial Administration warming up for today’s celebration of the International Women’s day organised a round table conference on Thursday, March 4, 2021.

The conference took place at the ministerial building under the theme; “Women in Leadership; Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world” and was moderated by the Inspector No.1 of MINAT in the person of Mairo Elisabeth.

The sub-theme focused on; “Women in Leadership” and was justified by MINAT’s inspector who said their aim was to empower women to be more efficient to assume their roles in every society. She further said that women have natural multidimensional leadership skills which are exercised in their duties as wives and professionals in their respective domains. A roundup for her was that women who can’t play their leadership role at the family level successful, can’t be better leaders at the professional level.

The resource persons at the conference were Dr. Mboh Susannash who is an expert in Entrepreneurship and Business Sustainability and Marie Goretti Essama who is the Vice President of the Court of Appeal.

In her presentation, Marie Goretti explained the dispositions which can equip a woman to play her leadership role and to actively participate in decision making. She discussed on the necessary skills that could be identified in a leader and further told the women of MINAT that what they do speak louder than what they say.

To her, leadership is not only about knowledge but action that can culminate to change.

Dr. Susannash talking at the conference

        On her part, Dr. Mboh Susannash spoke lengthily on Finance Management and how to implement it.

 “On this edition of the International Women’s Day, the take home should be for women to be able to maintain and achieve their leadership amid COVID-19. It is important for women to do self-development and one of the aspects is self-finance management. We know the COVID-19 era is characterised with trauma, depression, hardship and even health crisis” said Dr. Mboh Susannash who is also an expert in Business and Finance Management.

She explained that if women can’t be able to implement financial management mechanism, it will only provoke a threat to their leadership skills and their leadership skills could be compromised.

Dr. Mboh Susannash lectured that there are five ways of implementing personal finance management.  Creating or designing of a budget, knowing personal income and expeditions, control of expenditures, creating an emergency fund and many others formed the chain of mechanisms to adopt in better finance management.

Participants who were women of the Ministry learned sufficiently on leadership and business management and the round table conference could be evident as the most resourceful of the calendar of activities in the prelude to March 8 celebration.

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