MINMIDT confirms CODIAS S.A winner of the mining deal in Ngoura.

by Fonban Emmanuel

The Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, Ndoke Gabriel on November 29, 2019 at Mont Febe Hotel signed a mining agreement with a Cameroonian company called CODIAS S.A.

The agreement gives authorization to CODIAS S.A to exploit gold deposits in the Ngoura district of the Lom-et-Djerem Division in the Eastern Region of Cameroon.

The agreement emanated from research work conducted over a land surface of 20km square which confirmed gold deposits present in a vast area covered. CODIAS S.A through this opportunity is expected to produce 48545 tons of ore in five years with 1867.42kg in quantity of gold.

According to an interview granted to the press by the Minister of Mines, Ndoke Gabriel, the mining deal will bring enormous opportunities to Cameroonians and more to the local population.

“We have hope that mining will henceforth become an alternative to the source of income to our country. For the employment plan, you heard there will be 500 direct jobs and 1500 indirect jobs. The local population will benefit from the project following the provisions of the mining law” said Minister Ndoke Gabriel as he presided over the signing of the agreement.

He followed that Mining has become an opportunity for investors and that the project will be a heavy factor in financing the budget of the country.

 However, it is said that the project will bring infrastructural developments to the area and the local population will become the beneficiaries of these amenities. CODIAS S.A is also expected to build capacities by training experts and other workers to equip them with sufficient skills to better their efficiency in the sector.

The Board Chair of CODIAS S.A,  Bomivan thanked the head of state who continuously show confidence in the local entrepreneurs. He said the capital of this contract is exclusively Cameroonian and reassured ambitious people in the sector to give in their best, so that together jobs needed to take the country forward can be made possible for Cameroonians in Cameroon.

“I take this opportunity to encourage Cameroonians interested in the same domain to be informed of the existing opportunities in the mining sector” Bomivan added.

He thanked the Chinese who assisted his company in research work that earned the confidence of the Cameroonian government.

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