MINPOSTEL takes Networks operators to task.

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If you have never regretted calling in poor networks or trying to surf in low bandwidth, then you need to spend some time in Cameroon and soon know how it feels. The operators in the TELECOM sector in Cameroon for a long time has frustrated their customers on several occasions especially in the quality of services they render to the public. It was on this note that the Minister of Post and Telecommunication, Mme Libom Likeng granted a press conference at the conference hall of her Ministry on the 27th October 2017 to update pressmen on the restitution of the Audit Results of the quality of services of Electronic Communication Network in Cameroon.

     As calls continue to cease and internet services remains poor at times the main operators of the sector in Cameroon have been accused of failing to adhere to the operation policies. MTN, CAMTEL, ORANGE, NEXTTEL are those found guilty and by the results of the audit the Minister of Post and Telecommunication has cautioned them to get serious in business. Facts have proven that these operators continue to multiply users across their networks while shying away from upgrading their service equipment to support the large number of users across their networks. As the users continue to suffer these shortcomings, the operators seem to have more blames on customer equipment which they sometimes accuse of not being sophisticated to support the quality of their networks. The calls interruptions could be a minor but the quality of mobile internet services obtained from subscription to mobile data is often frustrating. In all these, the billings still cheat on customers as customers hardly enjoy the quality of networks that is proportional to their charges.  

 The Minister believes that the reports of the audits provided by the experts of the firm that conducted the communication auditing will help the government actors to follow up operators and ensure that they work within the provisions of their terms of operation. Present at the press conference was the Minister of Communication, experts in the field and representatives of the telecommunication sector.

 The Minister has therefore offered a period of six months to the telecommunication companies in the country that were victims of poor services, within which they have to upgrade their network equipment and ensure that the submit to all the recommendations made by the government especially the ones that they have been violating in their business terms with their clients. The expectations are therefore to get a significant change in the quality of services from the concerned companies so that access to roads in boosting the digital economy could be eased.

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