Motaze tells his people to engage in modern farming as he presides over Ambam Financial hall launching.

By Fonban Emmanuel

Motaze cutting the ribbon at the inaugural ceremony
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The Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze during his mission to the South Region to preside over the ceremony to launch the 2021 state budget visited Ambam, a locality in the South Region of Cameroon.

Motaze was received in Ambam by the Senior Divisional Officer, Divisional Officer and the Mayor of that municipality together with the population of Ambam and other state officials in that area.

Among the Minister’s retinue, was the Director General of Taxation Fopa Modest and the Director General of Budget who is a son of Ambam with few others.

This visit took place on Thursday, 14 January 2021 which was his last day to terminate his activities in the South Region.

The aim of the visit was to inaugurate the Ambam Financial Hall, a modern building constructed to give workers of that structure a comfortable working milieu.

traditional display infront of the Ambam Finance hall at inaugural cermony

The population of Ambam and its environs in the Upper Valley division showed up in their numbers to receive Minister Louis Paul Motaze and his entourage that visited to unveil the new Finance structure in their locality.

It should be noted that Ambam is a border locality in the South Region of Cameroon which permits Cameroon to share boundaries with Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

The welcome speech by the Mayor of Ambam in the person of Zomo Ovono Samsung, saluted the Minister and highlighted geographical features and the social aspect of the people of Ambam and its environs. Ambam just like other localities in the South Region is rich in forest resources and also a potential site for agricultural activities.

The Finance Minister addressing the people of the South Region in Ambam encouraged them to make good use of their geographical location which can offer them more opportunities as a border locality. To the Minister, agriculture is ideal especially with the natural potentials of this area that can guarantee them a better output in agriculture.

Motaze receiving blessings from the local chiefs at Ambam during the ceremony

  “You know we have a new national strategy from 2020-2030 and the goal of this strategy is to transform our economy. I tried to explain to them that they can do a lot. The first is the transformation of agriculture.” said Louis Paul Motaze.

Louis Paul Motaze said his recommendation is not local agriculture but modern agriculture which can have a greater output.

This page gave an opportunity for the Minister to also tell the people of the South that the Cameroon government has ensured that local production is encouraged so as to reduce the quantity of imports.

As the visit moves towards the end, the presentation of the Finance hall of Ambam was done by the Divisional Delegate of the Ministry of Public works, Evina Judith who said the giant building storey building had about 29 offices, toilettes and a parking space with a hall.

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