CAMASEJ-Yaounde President urges female allies to report newsroom GBV

by Fonban E. Lendzemo

Ndi Eugene-President of CAMASEJ-Yaounde
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Ndi Eugene Ndi, Yaounde chapter President of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists with the acronym, CAMASEJ, has encouraged female colleagues to denounce and report all forms of Gender-Based Violence in newsrooms in their respective places of work.

Ndi Eugene sounded this in his women’s day message to his female allies on Monday, 8 March 2020 at the association’s digital meeting room.

The chapter president, also the publisher of Cameroon’s English newspaper called NEWS WATCH, taking interest in the preoccupation of many female colleagues in his chapter, also lauded their efforts in different areas of their workspace.

“I want to particularly appreciate women of the Yaounde chapter of Cameroon Association of English-Speaking Journalists (CAMASEJ) for being very dynamic and breaking grounds in every sector of journalism and media work. As you celebrate today, I encourage you to avail yourselves of mentorship and collaboration to help especially our younger colleagues grow” he said.

Ndi, celebrating his chapter’s ladies, encouraged them to party responsibly while respecting womanhood.

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