PANCEC organizes a multi-stakeholder initiative to sort potential in circular economy

by Fonban Emmanuel

souvenir picture of the session
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The Parliamentary Network for Circular Economy known by its acronym PANCEC which is headed by Hon. Ngala Gerard, on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 organised a multi-stakeholder dialogue and capacity-building session at the National Assembly. This session was chaired by the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Baoro Theophile who was sitting on behalf of house speaker Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril.

The dialogue and capacity-building initiative organised by PANCEC was under the theme; “Circular Economy: Working towards a sustainable future”

Present at the session were representatives of companies like, BOCOM, HYSACAM, Brasseries as well as government structures like the Ministry of Agriculture and others.

Among discussions that featured during the session, attention was given to management and recycling of waste to preserve the environment. During the session, a better explanation was made by the President of PANCEC referencing the 3R-principle which is; Reducing resources use, Reuse and Recycling which has to do with waste.

Talking about circular economy, the President of the Network, Hon. Ngala Gerard said the circular economy has come in place to ensure that we create jobs and industries that will transform all our waste into worth. To him, the essence of this is to ensure that we do not dump waste into land fields and pollute our environment.

Hon. Ngala Gerard

“The objective of today’s training is to make sure that we work together with our stakeholders. The various stakeholders are going to present to the parliament what they have been doing as far as circular economy or recycling is concerned and how they have been preserving the environment” said the President of PANCEC, Hon. Ngala Gerard.

On his part, Hon. Baoro Theophile, the Deputy Speaker who was presiding over the event said the measures that have been put in place by the government have not been respected by some of these stakeholders.

It was for this reason and others that PANCEC came up with this initiative to ensure that they assist the government in leaving no stone unturn by ensuring that companies have proper waste management and recycling mechanisms which should not endanger the environments.

“They will be trained on how plastic and nonbiodegradable waste can be recycled. They will be trained to ensure that they know the various areas of intervention” added Hon Ngala Gerard.

As his network expects to meet the objectives of the dialogue and capacity building program, he called on stakeholders to stick to the policies in place to ensure that their activities do not endanger the environment.

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