Goufan Sandrine

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Rape remains one of those sexual violations in many societies that causes a lot of psychological destruction to the victims. As a victim of rape, sometimes, wonder if I call myself an overprotective mom or an excessively protective mom?
Being a victim of sexual abuse made me super cautious when it comes to my kids. I check on them often and ensure that they do not visit any neighbors unless I trust the moral reputation of the neighbor they may want to visit.

I also ensure that when a neighbor offers them any gifts, I question reasons to ensure the gifts were motivated by kindness and generosity.

However, to send them on vacation anywhere other than my parents is just practically impossible. I bind to this decision because I always do not want to dream that a repeat of what happened to me, has happened to any of my children. That’s how much I’m protective.
When I had my daughter it grew worst. I don’t allow her brothers to change her diapers or even kiss her.
I sometimes feel like I’m exaggerating but then I can’t help it. All these are irregular characters that were planted in me following my experience going through rape.

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