Prof. Joseph Owona Official Sworn in at the Constitutional Council

by Fonban Emmanuel

Sounvenir picture of  Cavaye, Niat, Prof Owona, government officials and houses members
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Renowned Professor, Joseph Owona on Friday, 12 June 2020 was officially sworn in as a member of the constitutional council of Cameroon. The event took place at the Yaounde conference center where the June session of the National Assembly is currently taking place.

The event was presided over by the President of the National Assembly, the Right Honorable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril. The event was witnessed by the Senate President, Marcel Niat, other top officials of the legislative and executive arms of government including government ministers.

 Before Prof. Owona mounted the podium to take an oath, the house speaker called on the Secretary General of the National Assembly to read the decision appointing the renowned Prof as a member of the constitutional council.

In the presence of top officials of the legislative arm of government and with some members of parliament, Prof. Owona swore to respect the constitution of Cameroon in carrying out his duties and however, do so without fear or favor.

Parliamentarians from the lower and the upper houses of parliament expressed their satisfaction with Biya’s choice of appointing Pro.Owona as a member of the Constitutional Council considering that he is a constitutional expert.

“When we have a new member, he is sworn in through this ceremony. Now we are hoping that this constitutional council should be better. We all know that Joseph Owona is a Professor and jurist. Now that he is there we hope that the constitutional council will be better” said Hon. Cabral Libi.

As many continue to see Prof Owona as an ideal choice to fill the vacuum in the constitutional council, he has a heavy challenge to use his experience to give the top legislative institution in the country a new look.

It should be recalled that before his appointment, Prof Owona has served in Biya’s regime in many functions. Prominent in the positions he held are Minister of Higher Education, Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic and many other functions.

His appointment on 15 April 2020 falls in line with the provisions of Law No 2004/005 of 21 April 2004 that lays down the rules and regulations governing membership of the Constitutional Council.

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