Prof Serge Etoundi Installs UNESCO/ICESCO officials while handing ICESCO’s COVID parcel to MINAT

By Fonban Emmanuel

Prof Laurent, Secretary Asheri, COMNAT SG, SG and presentatives of partner ministries and some appointees installe
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The Minister of Basic Education, Prof Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa who doubles as the National President of the National Commission for UNESCO on Friday, 14 August 2020 installed the administrative staff of the National Commission for UNESCO and equally the administrative staff the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation known by its acronym, ICESCO.

This took place at the conference hall of the Basic Education Ministry in the presence of the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Basic Education who is Dr.Asheri Kilo and Secretary Generals and representatives of all the partner Ministries.

During the Installation of the appointed officials, the President of the National Commission for UNESCO, Prof Laurent Serge said the appointees are coming in to represent all the diversified sectors of UNESCO.

However, Dr. Asheri Kilo, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Basic Education said the appointees are taken from the Ministry of Secondary Education, Basic Education, Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Development and the Ministry of Arts and Culture.

“Since the President of the Republic, H.E Paul Biya modified the text governing the commission for UNESCO in Cameroon in 2015, the Minister of Basic Education being the President of the Commission has succeeded in putting in place all the staff that is necessary to work in this commission. What we told them today is that they should be assiduous in their work. They should be diligent and be respectful and make sure that they produce the results we all want” Dr. Asheri added.

Minister Serge Etoundi, handing over ICESCO gifts to the S.G at MINAT

After setting the appointed staff in motion, the Prof. Laurent Serge Etoundi in his position, handed a heavy parcel of ICESCO to the S.G of Ministry of Territorial Administration who represented Minister Atanga Nji Paul. The parcel contained ICESCO’s support to the Cameroon’s government in fighting and managing COVID-19. The gifts contained, cartons of soaps, face masks, food stuffs like rice and oil and other things.

The Minister Serge Etoundi lauded ICESCO for this gesture and said that ICESCO has remained an active partner in cooperation.

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