Senator Kemende publishes legal texts to empower colleagues and councils to understand the laws.

by Fonban Emmanuel

Senator Kemende Henry
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Senator Kemende Henry Gamsey, a great legal mind and a representative of the people recently made some legal publications over 1000copies to equip the councils, colleagues and the people who care to understand certain laws in Cameroon.

The first publication is focused on parliamentary democracy in Cameroon and in it, is a compilation of relevant text governing the national assembly. However, another publication is on law No. 2019/024 of 24 December 2019 which carries the laws that govern the creation and functioning of regional and local councils and their authorities. In this same text, Senator Kemende brings light to the much talked about “special status” which is food for some politicians and poison for some citizens.

The publications have so far been donated to Councilors in some five Councils of the NW Region, namely, Balikumbat council, NDOP, BABESSI, BAMENDA 3 and SANTA. Some journalists of DEFCAM Radio, CRTV BAMENDA and Radio HOT COCOA were lucky to be beneficiaries of this gift from Senator Kemende as well as some panelists in sociopolitical programs in these media houses. Senator Kemende did not forget his party militants as he offered some copies to the SDF Regional Bureau with others.

Talking to the law-maker on Saturday, 21 November 2020 at his residence, he said his purpose of doing these publications is not to charm his people and colleagues with the existing laws but however to make the people and the representatives to understand these laws such that whenever need arises, they can criticize with facts rather than give arguments without flesh.

“It is important for the people to know the laws and talk factually. They should see what some of us have been criticizing when the laws are voted especially as we have never had a headway to criticizing the laws” said Senator Kemende.

He holds that, if you do not know something, you can’t give any substantial argument to counter it.

The dual publications are in English and French and if the beneficiaries were to make a proper use of these texts, then it is worth saying that they can speak some sense at any level when it concerns the laws with respect to how they affect the people.

“If tomorrow the country is constitutionally changed from what it is today, we should know exactly from where we are coming and this is one of my motivations in publishing this” said Senator Kemende.

It is worth knowing that Senator Kemende is from North West, Balikumbat in Ngoketunjia Division and has been outstanding among the SDF senators especially with his very objective and peculiar outings in the Senate.

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