Sexual Abuse

Discover men sexually abusing their kids while their wives seal their lips since they depend on men to provide at home

By Fonban E. Lendzemo

Ngenang Kulu
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Sexual abuse is one of the acts which weighs down the reputation of a woman and leaves a stain on her psychological image, sometimes throughout her life. It happens every day and the causes vary depending on the situation. However, there is a common factor in all abuse cases; one person is the victim who is helpless and another person is the perpetrator who uses force or their advantage to be in control. This act, irrespective of the type is a criminal act and under international law, it is perceived as a violation of human right.

Incest is the most shameful of these acts in Africa and in some communities is a curse. The case of the father of the house having sex with his own daughter or daughter is sometimes silenced due to the situation of the mother.  

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The Astute Ink took special focus on this topic and spoke to Ngenang Kulu who is the Director of DLD- Children’s Village, an advocacy organisation that fights for the right of vulnerable children.  Her experiences on the field were worth sharing.

“We have cases where a stepfather abuses a child and the mother is the same person closing the child’s mouth because the father is the sole provider of the house. So, what does the law do when the same person who was supposed to report the perpetrator is the one abetting the crime. That is why we struggle as much as possible to make these children courageous enough to speak out. Children need to know what is an abuse and what is an assault” said Ngenang Kulu.  

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She reiterated that there are some children who have continuously experienced these abuses to an extent that they believe it is normal for them to accept sex with their parents or close families who are providing assistance to their needs.

There is a need to educate these children and give them the skills to communicate these abuses whenever it happens such that ignorance is no longer closing their mouths. However, it is also important to continuously talk to men and women about the psychological harm these acts can cause a victim.

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