Cameroon Filmmakers begin deliberations to enhance the local film market

by Fonban Emmanuel (Journalists/filmmaker)

screenshot captured during the zoom
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The difficulties confronted by stakeholders in the Cameroon film industry in selling their films in the local market is the reason why the sector still lacks sufficient investors who are not confident to risk their money in investing in cinema.

It is for this reason that some filmmakers organized a zoom meeting on Saturday 12 September 2020, aimed at laying a foundation to build a sustainable market home for the local filmmakers in Cameroon.

The guest speaker at the meeting was Dr.Stanley Mungwe who is an Expert in Digital Marketing. Present at the meeting were Cameroonian filmmakers like Itambi Delphine, Godisz Fungwa, Ngwansi Elvis, Fonban Emmanuel, Roseline Fonkwa and some others who saw the need to become a solution to a problem faced by filmmakers in Cameroon.

Talking to participants during the zoom session, Dr. Stanley emphasized that, for filmmakers to win the attention of the local market, they must consider building good relations that can attract the attention of the audience they need as customers.

“Why is it that we do not say the best making producer? It is always the best-selling producer, it is always the best-selling actor or best-selling whatever. People are very good at what they do but when it comes to selling what they do it is a challenge” said Dr. Stanley Mungwe.

He added that people always think that selling is a lower job that should be outsourced to anybody. He further insinuated that Cameroonian filmmakers always think producing is the most important thing and no one thinks of selling before starting production.

To Itambi Delphine who is a filmmaker, she likened a film production to a community project while arguing that filmmaking is an art and also a business.

“When you take money from someone who will be giving you sleepless nights, and you feel that you are a human being who should be accountable, to someone whom you promised, then you will understand what it means to hustle” said Itambi Delphine as she explained the challenges that come with filmmakers doing productions from their pockets without sponsors.

Godisz Fungwa added his voice by stating that filmmakers have stressed their local customers enough by making their arts difficult to access in local markets. On the other hand, Ngwansi Elvis was not indifferent to the commitments of filmmakers especially recent releases like FISHERMAN’S DIARY which has been making waves.

Closing the meeting Dr. Stanley Mungwe told filmmakers that people do not make purchases usually for technical reasons. To him, people buy for emotional reasons and then justify their purchase by technical reasons.

Filmmakers were all satisfied participating and including well-wishers like Kiru Martin, a telecom engineer, who participated and was moved by the deliberations.

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