By Fonban Emmanuel Lendzemo

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The journey that leads to success sometimes is so funny to those who engage in it passionately. Sometimes, you have to act like a baby, sometimes you get to be big, sometimes you need to proof to those around you that you can bend the cuffs of your shirt and till the soil to get the gold beneath it.Success does not welcome, eyes that does not see. Don’t ask about the blind because I will assure you that there is nothing like blindness in success. Even the blind can see when success is involved as well as the cripple can get into a marathon race.This in a note shell means, you don’t need to see a complain in yourself when you want to engage in a successful journey. You rather need to see some strong values in you that can engender where your ambitions are located. In all, you need to be strategic and smarter to ensure that your spears are targeting the right animals just like a hunter. Your efforts should consistently be drilled towards the right areas that can enable you to achieve all you need. Do not be lazy and become a parasite that feeds from the struggles of others. You can become part of the system that provide the right solutions in the world. Its all about living a fulfilling life wherein you can see yourself comfortable with an input that makes meaning to the world. Always feel free to get back and share your stories to those that inspire you in life. God bless u the readers.

Information about Fonban Emmanuel

He is a Filmmaker/Journalist and volunteers in self development and coaching through his free write ups on social media and his communication platform. He is passionate in helping people to live a fulfilling life. His films are renowned as they are intended for education that addresses common issues in his immediate environment and the world at large. Fonban is good at collaborating with people initiatives that benefit masses. He is also good at business networking.

His contacts.(whatsapp/calls)

+237 674774546


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