Tapang openly encourages police intimidation in Yaounde.

by Fonban Emmanuel

Tapang Ivo Tanku
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The Ambazonian activist and spokesman of AGovC has openly in a write up circulated on social media, encouraged police intimidation in Yaounde and other parts of French speaking Cameroon.

This follows the previous scenario between police officers and one of CRTV’s top English Journalist Moki Edwin Kindzeka, a regular anchorman for the state media.

“Everyone living in La Republique must speak their language-French and nothing else. The intimidation of the ‘Anglophone Journalist’ is unfortunate but necessary. You cannot be living and working in La Republique without speaking their language. You have only language there and it is French” said Tapang Ivo in his write up.

He added that those not ready to abide to the rules of French Cameroon to speak French in public places could cross over to Ambazonia and speak English. “We have banned French in Ambazonia. They too have banned English in their country. Let La Republique arrest or force everyone in their territory to speak French. It is a must” Tapang reiterated.

It is important to indicate that Cameroon is by law, a bilingual country with two regions English speaking and the other eight regions French speaking with different historical backgrounds respectively. The English speaking regions have been clamoring for independence through separatists groups which are bent on restoring the lost statehood of Southern Cameroons as a means to gain their independence.

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