TAYONG CENTER trains youths in leadership development

Tayong Peter, CEO of TCLD training young people
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The TAYONG’s CENTER FOR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT is proving to be the right machinery that will help build the new generation of leaders that will be right for every wing in the job pitch. The  C.E.O, Peter Tayong being the backbone of this center, has branded his knowledge harvested from Harvard University and his work experience with the United Nations Organization,  to come out with motivational talks that are enriching to produce a generation of workers and employers who will form an almost pure world.

   It was on Saturday,  29thJuly 2017 at the Presbyterian Church’s hall in Bastos, that Peter Tayong was holding a seminar that had a focus on writing job winning résumés that are  charming to every employers. The main organizer of this seminar, Reverend Emmanuel Masok, a parish pastor of the presbytery believed that the gesture was an effort to bring together young people in his parish, feed them with skills on leadership development and transform them into hot cakes for every job market.

  Rev. Masok believes that giving such a formation to young people in his parish is laying a good foundation for financiers who will be the future catalyst to the church’s projects. It was a laudable gesture to many participants who were dominated by the young people though traces of high profiled men could be seen in the hall struggling to reap the knowledge to double their capacities. The expensive-in-content seminar which the parish pastor offered free to participants could be seen as a golden offer which is life changing.

   “I was invited to this seminar and I did not really know what it was about, but when I came here I was really amazed about what I have really learned about job opportunities, writing résumés as Tayong said it helps in marketing yourself like a product. We also learned core values. I am very happy. When I leave this place I will certainly have a different mindset, a specific point of view to make things better and to meet my future potential employers” recounted Ebolo Ines, a student in Biomedical Sciences in the university. Peter Tayong during the seminar said many have lost lucrative vacanies because of poorly written résumés. He also said that, a résumé is unique in that, each résumé can only fetch one opportunity and the opportunity is not a job. The opportunity that follows a good résumé to Peter Tayong is an interview with an employer which can further yield a job. He recounted that good employers would always call jobseekers for interviews when they send them good résumés. His believe that sending a résumé to any company can’t attract any sanction to anybody and this was seemingly positive energy that built the courage of participants who have been vying for jobs in big companies.

Nfebombi Daimonaire is a student in the University of Bamenda, studying Microbiology. His testimony counts thus; “Looking at the seminar it was excellent. There are many things that I heard that I did not know and that encouraged me to see things in a wide view in such a way that I found myself not to be limited again. I thank god for Mr. Peter Tayong the Main speaker”. As the move to construct minds with a vision that can evacuate laziness and joblessness becomes one of the missions of the TAYONG’s CENTER FOR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, the seed he has begun sowing would in time yield healthy fruits with good vitamins for a better world.

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